ZENZ has passionately worked with a vision of contributing to a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry. ZENZ salons were the first salons to be certified as a Safe Hair Salon and before the green wave really took off, ZENZ launched its first Nordic Ecolabelled series of products in the year of 2010.

With the climate of the future and human health in mind, ZENZ takes another step towards creating as healthy and sustainable products as possible. ZENZ is launching Zenz Version 2.0 and the new products are marked with one or more of the recognised certifications: The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, AllergyCertified, Ecocert COSMOS Organic and Vegan Society. Certifications that guaranties you that ZENZ' products live up to the high standards by a third part.

With ZENZ Version 2.0 we set a new standard in the beauty industry and within hairdressing products, where you do not compromise on quality even though it is professional products. It creates a healthier environment for both hairdressers and clients without harmful ingredients, just as you prevent allergies and hormonal disorders.

In order to live up to our vision, we work continuously to select the right certifications and packaging that support our mission the most. Science and technology are in constant evolution. Every day new knowledge about harmful ingredients and more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions are emerging, which we always try to implement in our products. Certifications are also progressive, which means that new research, innovation, more organic production and green technology are constantly changing, and the certification criteria update ongoing. ZENZ always seek to meet the latest science and criteria.

It shows that a number of consumers have a focus on organic, natural and vegan ingredients which places great demands on the products. In ZENZ Organic Products we try to embrace them all and prioritize to produce healthy products that's also allergy friendly. 

Below is a brief description of certifications that we have today, and why we have chosen them:

Nordic Swan Ecolabel


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the Nordic countries official eco-label. The goal of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is to reduce the total environmental impact from production and consumption. The entire product life cycle from raw materials to production, use, disposal and recycling is therefore included in the assessment when the requirements for the current product type are determined. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel's requirements are based on promoting sustainable use of resources, reuse and recycling and reducing waste volumes in all parts of the product and service life cycle.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel's primary focus on the environmental aspects. But the label also emphasises health, as there are requirements for the substances that are problematic for consumers' health, including endocrine disruptors. Furthermore there must be no parabens, allergenic preservatives, microplastics in products, and the products must be perfume free when the product is made for children under 12 years.

Why ZENZ has chosen the Nordic Swan Ecolabel:

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official eco-label for the Nordic countries based on the latest research and knowledge. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel places high demands on those they certify, as all phases of the product's life cycle are taken into account. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is therefore a holistic label that emphasises both your health and our environment. This makes the remark relevant for ZENZ to use, as these are the same values ​​we have chosen that our products must live up to.

Read more about The Nordic Swan Ecolabel here



AllergyCertified is the world's first international certification organisation. It is founded in Denmark in 2015. The remark is the consumer's guarantee that the certified product does not cause allergies, as their toxicologists have reviewed every single ingredient in the product. When a product is certified by AllergyCertified, the organisation is given information about each ingredient of the product, what concentration it is in and what the ingredient is called in the international language of chemists; INCI. With AllergyCertified you can therefore be sure that there are no stored allergens or endocrine disruptors in the products.

Why ZENZ has chosen AllergyCertified:

With AllergyCertified ZENZ can guarantee our customers a minimal risk of developing allergies when they receive treatment from us and when using ZENZ Organic Products. ZENZ has developed an entire series, Pure, which is certified with AllergyCertified, so that allergy sufferers, pregnant women and others who want to avoid both artificial and natural perfume substances safely can use our products.

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Ecocert COSMOS Organic



COSMOS is a standard for organic and natural cosmetics. Ecocert is one of four founding certification bodies of this standard and is accredited to certify cosmetic products. COSMOS Organic is the highest level of certification of the COSMOS standard and many ZENZ Organic Products carry this label.

At least 95% of the ingredients in a product with Ecocert COSMOS Organic must be natural, at least 95% of the natural oils and extracts must be organic, just as 20% of the ingredients that are not washed off must be organic and 10% of those that you wash of must be organic. The ingredients must also be grown in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner, just as products marked with Ecocert must be free of synthetic perfumes and dyes.

Why ZENZ has chosen Ecocert COSMOS Organic:

Ecocert-certified products are produced to the highest standards of natural and organically certified cosmetics and are safe and effective to use. Ecocert COSMOS Organic is widespread and globally recognized and acts as an international standard that is easy to identify for consumers worldwide.

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Vegan Society


The Vegan Society – also called The Sunflower Label - was founded by the vegan association, The Vegan Society, in 1944 in England, where it must promote and support the vegan and plant-based way of life. Today it is an internationally recognised brand that guarantees that the products are produced without animal ingredients.

Why ZENZ has chosen Vegan Society:

The majority of ZENZ's products are vegan and to guarantee that, we have chosen to have them certified with The Vegan Society.

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