Haircare Tips During Ramadan 🌙

Ramadan is a month of spiritual reflection and self-discipline observed by Muslims worldwide. It is also a time to focus on self-care, including taking care of one's hair. The hot summer weather and fasting can cause dehydration, which can lead to dry hair and scalp. In this blog post, we will discuss a hair care routine that you can follow during Ramadan to ensure that your hair stays healthy and beautiful.


Drinking enough water is essential for maintaining healthy hair. During Ramadan, it's essential to drink enough water during non-fasting hours in order to not become dehydrated. Becoming dehydrated can have a major effect on your hair and scalp. Applying the Pure Hair Treatment No.03 with a Oil Treatment Pure No.97 once or twice per week will deep condition and hydrate your hair. 


To keep your hair from becoming dry and brittle during Ramadan, it's essential to moisturize it regularly. Use a good quality hair oil such as our Oil Treatment Deep Wood No.99 or our Pure Hair Treatment No.03 to keep your hair moisturized. Apply the product to your hair and scalp, paying extra attention to the ends. A good moisturizing routine can help prevent split ends and hair breakage.


Protecting your hair during Ramadan is essential, especially if you spend time using styling heating tools when getting ready to go out. Everyone should always try to avoid using heated styling tools such as hair dryers, straighteners, or curling irons as they can also cause heat damage to the hair and make it dry and brittle. However, our Styling Gel Sweet Orange No.12 created as a heat protectant as well should be applied before using any heated styling tools on either dry or wet hair.


Washing your hair regularly during Ramadan is essential. Fasting can cause an increase in sweat production, leading to a buildup of oils and dirt on your scalp. Using our Shampoo Deep Wood No.07 will restore moisture balance and strengthen your hair. Massage it well into the scalp to cleanse, stimulate the hair follicles and strengthen hair growth. Make sure to double cleanse to help remove buildup! 


Nourishing your hair from the inside out is just as important as taking care of it externally. Eating a balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals can help promote healthy hair growth. To add on, applying our Shampoo Deep Wood No.07 and Conditioner Deep Wood No.08 will provide moisture, strength and care to all hair types especially if you tend to have dry hair or scalp. The conditioner enriches hair and scalp with vitamins and minerals while this product can be used as a conditioner and it can be used as a leave-in as well. 

In summary, following a hair care routine during Ramadan can help you maintain healthy and beautiful hair. Remember to hydrate, moisturize, protect, cleanse, and nourish your hair during this holy month. By taking care of your hair, you're also taking care of your overall well-being, which is an essential part of self-care.

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